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Now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of connection and community. In the interest of fostering connection during this stressful time, Bamboo Ridge has launched a new “Bamboo Ridge @ Home” playlist, featuring writers reading their work and sharing positive messages. Check out the full playlist here (with more to come). You can also check out my reading here:


New fiction in Vice-Versa

Excited and honored to share this piece that was recently published in the latest issue of Vice-Versa Journal. It’s a story of family, the houseless crisis, and Waikīkī underwater. It’s also my first attempt at climate fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

First pubs

Going through a box of old paperwork, tax forms, and other “important” papers, I discovered my first set of publications. My first publication was in Cirque: A Literary Journal for Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. It was one of maybe two stories I’ve written that’s not about Hawai‘i and was inspired by a song. It also came at a time when I had given up the novel I was writing (all 300 pages of it). Inspired by discussions in a Literatures of Hawai‘i course as well as by events/issues within my community (and discussions with my wife/editor), I decided to try to write something “local.” It was a mess, but with Danielle’s careful eye and one of my professor’s/mentor’s guidance, “Between Sky and Sea” eventually found its way into Hawai‘i Review (after being recently rejected by another pub). I had probably sent fifteen drafts to Eric and Darrell at Bamboo Ridge Press (my impatience and lack of experience publishing really showing at that time). When I wrote to withdraw it, I was surprised that they responded, letting me know that they wanted to publish it anyway. I was stunned, especially because it had always been a dream of mine to be in BR. Ten years later, I feel grateful and fortunate to still be writing, publishing, and helping others do the same.



New Stuffs

I’m slowly starting to write new stuff again and send it out. I’ve received a number of rejections, which is unfortunate. But thankfully, they’ve all been rather positive, with many editors providing feedback and encouraging me to let them know when I decide to submit again. And thus, I continue to submit, submit, submit (which is probably the most important part of the process other than the writing and revising, of course).

Some good news: I’ve got an excerpt from the manuscript I’m working on published in the new issue of Bamboo Ridge, which you can pick up here.

Also, Hawaii Pacific Review just published a flash fiction piece I wrote, which you can check out here.

As with much of my writing, both look at social issues in Hawaii. The first, the societal pressures facing teenagers and adolescents; and the second, the homeless sweeps, high cost of living in Hawaiʻi, and abandoned cars.

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Between Sky and Sea reviewed in the International Examiner

Aloha all,

Just a quick post today. This morning I woke up to a wonderful surprise—a review for Between Sky and Sea in The International Examiner. If you want to check it out, you can do so here.

If you haven’t picked up my debut yet, you can still buy it at a discount via my publisher, Bamboo Ridge ( as well as SPD  (

For those who have picked up a copy, I cannot thank you enough for your support. If you loved the book, consider sharing your thoughts on Goodreads.

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My reading at the award ceremony for the Elliot Cades award for Literature

I’ve uploaded my reading from this year’s award ceremony for the Elliot Cades award for Literature. Thank you to the Hawaiʻi Literary Arts Council for this honor. As a local writer, it means everything. Thank you to Danielle Lanakila Carreira Ching, my family, friends, fellow writers, colleagues, and teachers who helped to inspire and guide me with your love, support, and knowledge, and to Eric Chock, Darrell Lum, and Bamboo Ridge for giving my manuscript the chance.

Special shoutout to the amazingly talented Tyler Mcmahon for winning for established author, and Patrice Wilson and Michael Little for receiving the Loretta D. Petrie Award for outstanding service to Hawaiʻi’s Literary community.

Check out my reading below:

A quick update

Aloha all,

A quick update: an excerpt from one of my project’s in progress has been accepted by Bamboo Ridge and will be published in the 40th anniversary issue coming out this fall. I’ll post the link when the issue is released, but if you’d like to get first dibs and support the press, you can subscribe to BR here. While you’re there, also check out the bookstore for everything new; my novel is also still available at the introductory price, so pick up a copy if you haven’t done so already.

I also have two pieces out for consideration, so keep your fingers crossed!

My final update is a big one—last month at the Hawaiʻi Book and Music Festival, I was awarded the Elliot Cades award for Literature, emerging author. I am honored and grateful for the recognition and am especially thankful to all of you for supporting and reading my work.

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the “works” section of the page, so I’ll also be going through and adding any a few new items there. For those who are also interested, I am available for readings, workshops, and visits. The best way to get in touch with me is via Twitter, so Direct Message me there. Email also works.

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Aloha all,

Some exciting news: first of all, I’m currently at work on my new novel, Who You Know. Things are moving quicker than I expected, and an excerpt was just accepted for publication in Bamboo Ridge‘s 40th anniversary issue coming out in a few months. I was fortunate to have one of my first pieces accepted by Bamboo Ridge, and that short story led to the publication of my debut novel, so I find it fitting that a sliver of the next one finds its home there.

Without revealing too much, Who You Know is about the disappearance of Jorden Freitas, a senior at Castle High school; the journey of her classmate, Erin Fernandez, a witness to the crime, and her investigation into a community she thought she knew.

In addition, I’m also (maybe) working on a collection of stories, but more on that later.

In other news, I will be facilitating a fiction/short story workshop at the Koʻolau Writer’s Workshop. If you’ve never attended, it’s an amazing event, and this year features keynote speaker Shawna Yang Ryan, along with workshops from Chris McKinney, Timothy Dyke, M. Thomas Gammarino, Pamela Sakamoto, and Brenda Kwon. Check it out here:

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Chapter Two – coming soon


I can’t wait to share what I’m working on and my experiences over the last year.

In the meantime, as part of the Words @ Mānoa creative writing conference, I will be running a workshop on getting published and publishing local literature. For more information and to register, please click here: